King Arthur’s Faire – 2011 Fall Connecticut Renaissance Faire Review

I went to the Connecticut Renaissance Faire on the first Sunday of opening weekend, and although the forecast kept predicting possible rain, it turned out to be a very warm and sunny day. Within the first hour I regretted wearing my more elaborate gown – even if it was the Royal Invasion theme day – the humidity and warmth was staggering under all that velveteen, and it made me rather uncomfortable for a larger part of the day. It was such a good idea too! I could only imagine how those other royals felt sporting all that heavier velvet! (Would it be wrong if I said that the comparison made me feel a little better?) It made me think twice about making my Catherine Parr tudor gown. Oh, well, at least I still felt pretty!

One of the first things I  recall at this fall’s Connecticut Faire is Shops, Shops, and more Shops! The entrance was in a different location on the lot, and for about the first hour I thought the faire was smaller than last year by how it was sectioned out. Then, as we got to one corner, we saw the path curve to the left, and voila! There was twice as much to be seen! I was almost overwhelmed by how many more shops there were than the previous year, and still don’t think we saw them all. As I mentioned in my last review, I love Black Swan Masks, and this is when I got my second one. I’m planning to build a costume around it so I can wear it at the faire next spring. It will be nice to have another elaborate – yet cooler – alternative to wear. There was also a really cool place – the vendor name alludes me at the moment – but you can’t miss the large display of multi-colored roses at the tent. I have overlooked this before, so I thought I would point out that the roses are made of feathers!

I didn’t spot those killer french fries that were at the Robin Hood Faire in the spring (there was so much, I very well may have missed them), but those apple cider donuts…..if you go, get them. No question. If you’re like me and have a sensitive stomach, split a bag with a group of friends. It’s sugary heaven in your mouth. I really had a poor appetite due to the day’s heat, but at the end of the day when I was ready to eat something tasty that I really shouldn’t touch, I got the loaded grilled cheese, which consists of three toasty slices of bread melded together with cheese, tomato, and bacon. Yeah, I felt like royalty eating that one. I didn’t get around to buying one of those chocolate covered bananas, but I would recommend it after having it previous years.

I was happy they had the court dance again this year. I have a lot of fun participating in that event. But I was surprised how few guests wanted to join in! If you’re reading this and plan to go, you gotta do the court dance!! It’s easy, and the second dance is a ton of fun. Left together, left together….

One thing I really hope they do next year is a theatrical theme of some sort. The Robin Hood theme they did in Guilford was so freakin good!!! I was really looking forward to what they had in store this fall, but they chose not to do a theme for the fall season. I was speaking to one of the Faire owners (a dude in a sweet monk get-up), and he said the traditional barbarian invasion was getting old. I’m not sure how long ago they last did that – it was probably before I started going annually, but I remember an awesome performance with reversing time a few years back that got me jazzed up about seeing the main character performances each year. Last year was a mayor election, but voting wasn’t a very mystical prospect, and not far enough away from the real world, so I kind of blew that one off. But the Robin Hood theatrics this past spring really made me enthusiastic. To give them credit, they did a story-telling thing, like recounting the tale of the Sword in the Stone. That’s really nice for the kids, but our group didn’t really feel drawn to it.

The bottom line is that we all  had a really good time, and it’s possible that I may be going again this weekend to bring my mom, who has already laid claim on my other costume from the last few years (the green one in the picture above). I’ll make her do the court dance whether she likes it or not!