who am i?

601703_775633562065_870527311_nSo…who is this ISFP Chick?

This chick is Amanda Biron, wife, mom, runner, and hobbiest with a passion for making life less complicated. Why is simple so hard to accomplish? Always something to do, always somewhere to go, people to meet, chores to complete. What happened to enjoying the moment?

I care deeply about reducing my impact on the environment and believe that change starts on an individual basis. I have been an aspiring minimalist for over three years to achieve a happier, simpler, and more authentic existence. I am not my stuff. By reducing what I acquire, reusing what I acquire, and donating and recycling what doesn’t add value, I get closer every day to my goal. It’s not a diet – it’s a lifestyle.

I credit The Minimalists (Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus), Joshua Becker, Leo Babauta and my friend Debbie Hoak for offering me the inspiration I’ve needed to slowly evolve into the person I was meant to be and living a fuller life.



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